The Path To Redemption

Adventure Log: 19 July

19 July 2012

Establish the Setting

NOTES: italics are character names. Bolds are place names.

>We open with the group, Thalion, Kerem, Paela, and Yewterrkid, waiting for the sender of their next job to arrive.
>They are with Delvin, the current leader of the Silver Flame, and Gorlo, a Grand-champion orc who owes much to Delvin and has become his right-hand.

>After seventeen minutes, a cloaked figure appears, identifying himself as the sender of the letter. He comments that for a “group of outcasts”, the Silver Flame lives rather lavishly.
>The cloaked figure removes his hood, revealing himself to be Uriel Menethil, the residing Prince of Omaril who, in his father’s sickness, has taken rule.

  • Kerem genuflected at this revelation, but Delvin quickly reprimanded him for such. By order of the Oath of the Silver Flame, each member swears to have no lord, but to work faithfully for the Silver Flame.

>Uriel explains that the Capital has lost contact with the city of Falmear. Having already lost three scout parties while trying to identify the reason for the loss of contact, he has come to ask the Silver Flame.
>Uriel offers to provide funds for the party to travel from Maplerose to Wolfdell, but from Wolfdell, they must make their own way.
>After some consultation, it is decided that the group will take on the job. They will leave the following day.

>During the night, as all but Yewterrkid sleep, Thalion, Kerem, Paela, and Yewterrkid receive a vision— The image of a dove appears before them. After a moment, this dove transforms into some large creature, before issuing a warning. Something dark awaits them in Falmear.
>Suddenly, a loud scream pierced the corridors of Silver Hall.

  • All but Kerem hear this scream. Way to sleep, Kerem.

>_Thalion, Paela,_ and Yewterrkid arrive at Delvin’s door to see most members of the Silver Flame trying to figure out what’s happening. Yewterrkid, being high in the chain of command, asks all but Thalion and Paela to go to bed.
>_Falk_, the Silver Flame’s mage, and his apprentice Adachi Sorik, appear from Delvin’s room, more or less waving the curious group off, saying not to worry about Delvin. Thalion and Yewterrkid return to their rooms, and Paela is carried off by Gorlo, who has a soft-spot for the halfling.

>As the group departs from Silver Hall to Maplerose, they encounter a group of bards, friends of Gorlo, who will provide music for the group during their travels. The group is known as THE DRAGONSLAYERS.
>The group, after a few hours, arrives in Maplerose, whereon they split up. Thalion, Kerem and Paela go off in search of wares; Yewterrkid, Delvin and Gorlo go off in search of information— and incidentally, alcohol for Gorlo.

Friends in Low Places: Thalion’s Group’s Adventure in Maplerose

>As Thalion and his group hear out, they are distracted by a shady merchant selling sundials. Paela, fascinated by the sundials, is easily lured into his scam.
>The merchant recognizes Thalion, as the elf was associated with the Thieves Guild. The merchant identifies himself as Marcus, and though he hasn’t heard anything on Falmear, he helps point the small group in the direction of where to a Guild contact for weapons. They’re told to ask for Jimmy the One-Eye/Italian/Antipasto
>_Thalion, Paela,_ and Kerem go to where Marcus instructed them to go, whereupon asking for Jimmy the One-Eye, they find themselves in the face of a city-elf-weapons smuggler willing to help a fellow Guild member.

  • Thalion purchases 3 quivers with 26 arrows each, as well as an Imperial Guardsman’s Bow, totaling 400 gold with his discount. (300 gold remaining)
    _Paela purchased 2 orcish swords and 1 orcish axe, totaling 60 gold. (450 gold remaining)
    Kerem purchased nothing. (500 gold remaining)

>_Jimmy the One-Eye_ allows Thalion to look through the three other rooms he holds “merchandise” within.

  • The first room contains LADIES~~ brothel tiem.
    The second room contains very fancy, elite clothing. Nothing that our heroes would need.
    The third room held the people being held as part of slave that Jimmy the One-Eye is involved in.

>_Thalion_ is appalled at the site of women, children, people of all races being kept in captivity. Jimmy the One-Eye says that Thalion can have two slaves for free.
>Thalion chooses a woman and a child.
>Noticing Kerem, the extremely rare deva, Jimmy the One-Eye offers Thalion all of the slaves in exchange for Kerem_.
offers himself up, for “the good of the people”. He is immediately drugged and taken into captivity.
*Kerem’s gold has been removed from him.

He is Us!: Yewterrkid’s Visit to the Pub

>As the groups split up, Gorlo had run ahead to the pub, beginning to guzzle beer by the keg.
>_Yewterrkid_ and Delvin enter the pub to find Gorlo having already downed a great deal of alcohol, which Delvin pays for and then some.
>After some questioning, it is determined that the barkeep knows nothing.
>_Yewterrkid_ is distracted, though, by the small Community group of people who are also present in the pub, one of whom is preaching about Wilden rights.
>The group is suddenly joined by a larger man, who tells them the following: “I’m not a witch. I’m not a werewolf… or a sasquatch— I’m not even a piece of shit. I’m nothing that you’ve hear, or read about me, or even suggested yourself. I’m you. America is a 300-pound, bearded, diabetic man. Send me donations and I will go to grandma’s house and order pizza tonight. I’m You. Fucking accept it and get over it.”
>_Yewterrkid_ is fascinated with the idea of this man identifying with him, but before he can approach, the man leaves.
>All the same, Yewterrkid goes to the group and asks if they have heard any strange news of Falmear.
>The group’s cocky leader explains that they are students from the Mage’s College in the Capital, and that they travel to Maplerose for drinks on occasion. Only one member of the group, one who has been otherwise emotionless, pops in with information regarding a play that originated in Falmer many years ago, but nothing more.
>With that, Yewterrkid and Delvin depart, only to be joined shortly later by Gorlo

>_Thalion_ and Paela meet back up with Delvin, who is incredibly angry to hear that Kerem has been sold into slavery. He demands that Thalion do something with his slaves because the ride to Wolfdell is ready, and he doesn’t intend on paying for the slaves to join the ride.
>_Thalion_ straight-up ditches his slaves.

>Midway to Wolfdell, night begins to fall, and the passengers must set up camp for the night. Yewterrkid assists Delvin with making the tent, as Delvin has Thalion into the bare woods in search of food. Meanwhile, Gorlo constructs a holding-room for Paela, to ensure she doesn’t get lost.
>During the night, Delvin begins to squirm and cry out, though not as violently as before.
>_Yewterrkid_ wakes him, and at his command, hands Delvin a small vial filled with some sort of potion.
>_Delvin_ explains his past to Yewterrkid, about his time as a city guard, about the village that had burned, whose people were killed, and how he was powerless. Delvin explains that he joined the Silver Flame to be able to help the common people more readily.
>_Delvin_ has been having recurring nightmares of the burning village, more so recently, hence the potions from Falk.

>The following morning, a caravan rushes by, an obsidian cage on the back— there’s the possibility that Kerem may be inside.
>Regardless, the group continues toward Wolfdell.
>Oh, Thalion tried to leave a friendship bracelet for Delvin. That didn’t go too well. Also, Yewterrkid is slightly shocked with this easily agitated Delvin

>Once at Wolfdell, the group continues on immediately, much to the disappointment of a Thalion desperate to get back in Delvin’s good graces.
>_Paela_ presents Gorlo with the orcish axe she had bought for him. GorloxPaela forever.

>The group continues on to find a small village that had been attacked and burned.
>_Yewterrkid_ and Thalion go look around a bit, finding a carriage.
>_Yewterrkid_ concerns himself with the horses, who have died without a struggle, who have freshly chewed wheat in their mouths.
>_Thalion_ notices an obsidian cage attached to this abandoned carriage, opening the door to it, and finds Kerem inside.
>With Kerem returned, Delvin seems to be in a slightly better mood.
>The group searches around the area in more detail, and come across a flag of some sort. Yewterrkid and Kerem both recognize the flag as looking similar to that of the Old Kingdom banner, except with the addition of a skull.
>The search of the village proves fruitless. Not even a dead body was discovered. The group presses on.

>The next village is currently under-attack by a group of Undead
>The group is victorious, +200 experience for all.
>_Thalion_ presses on to find the mayor, who had been attacked by the undead, but had defended himself. Thalion calls for a medic, to which Yewterrkid responds.
>The mayor explains that the village was attacked by these undead, and that some of them were townsfolk.
>As thanks for assistance, the mayor offers some of the village’s tax money. Yewterrkid kindly declined, insisting that the mayor’s people were more important than some reward.
>_Thalion_ had all intention of taking the money. 8I
> Delvin entered, asking for a report on what had just occurred. Thalion summed it all up, and Yewterrkid told about the money, which _Thalion had to hand over, painfully, to Delvin.

>The group presses onward, Delvin and Gorlo stay to help the mayor prepare on his way to the Capital.
>The group is confronted with a dove, who, before their eyes, tranformed into a large minotaur, clothed in white robes; he warns them that they are about to make a decision that will impact them forever.

>As the group arrives at Falmear, they are greeted by a darkly-clad man riding a stead, an army of undead about him. He simply laughs and challenges the group.
>_Delvin_ gives a new order: File into the city and kill everyone, infected or not.
>_Yewterrkid_ is shocked, and torn. He’s not seen Delvin like this before, and it worries him, but at the same time, Yewterrkid owes a great deal to Delvin_.
>_Thalion, Kerem, Paela,
and Yewterrkid did not join Delvin, who announced that they were removed from the Silver Flame.

>However, it is really Delvin and Gorlo, and their supporters, who were taken out of the Silver Flame, as they had broken their oath.

>It has been decided that the best course of action is to return to the Capital and report findings.


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