The Path To Redemption

Adventure Log: 26 July

26 July 2012

“Shit gon’ get REAL

> As the Dragonslayers perform the musical stylings of Three Doors Down, the group arrives in the Capital City, Royalcaster.
> Outside of the city gates, they find the mayor of the small village they had assisted, the one who had been attacked by a vampire.

  • With the king’s permission, the survivors have been granted land outside of the city. Of the approximately one-thousand people totaled from the various villages attacked by this plague, only fifty have survived.
  • The realization of this number leaves the group stunned, especially Paela who seems to repeatedly apologize.

> Wait. Hold the phone. Back up— the king granted them land? But the king is on his deathbed, isn’t he? Well, unfortunately, the king has passed away, and the coronation ceremony for Uriel was held the day prior to the group’s arrival in Royalcaster
> The mayor mentions that a young mage wearing the Silver Flame crest is in Royalcaster as well. The group comes to the same conclusion: It’s Sorux.

> The group then enters Royalcaster, after the twenty minutes it takes for the gate to open and the draw bridge to drop and another gate to open.
> It is decided that they will go to the King’s Castle first to report the news of their mission before searching for Sorux… until Sorux appears before them, a large Goliath in tow.
> Sorux explains that he was sent to Royalcaster for recruiting, that Delvin had sent him a letter requesting new recruits. On that note, Sorux questioned where Delvin was, which the group explained to him.

  • Sorux says that when they return to Silver Flame Hall, that they should ask Falk about how to go about choosing a new leader of the Silver Flame. Being the oldest living member, he would know how the Knight Commander is chosen.

> With Sorux is a Goliath by the name of Thomac, Son of Thomac. He had been in a fight in the local tavern when Sorux stopped him and recruited him to the Silver Flame.

  • Sorux has three other recruits with him: Roxanne, a lady of the night who is more than just a good time; she’s also a great fighter and takes no bullshit. Joe, a young man who was caught trying to associate with the Thieves Guild; Sorux recruited him from the prison. Finally, Dominic Madson, descendant of Dom Madson, an important figure in the Three Years War and the brother of Liam Madson, the famed Knight Commander of the Silver Flame, and the last Count of Silver City.

> Paela flirts with Roxanne and, when the group returns to Silver Flame Hall, Paela gon’ git laid.
> Sorux decides to let the group be on their way, announcing that he will return to Silver Flame Hall with the new recruits— minus Thomac, Son of Thomac, who is to be trained by Paela.
> Thomac, Son of Thomac has joined the Party! Paela has acquired a new mount.
> Before the group leaves for the castle, Sorux offers to take Thalion’s Imperial Bow, which he had acquired through his Thieves Guild connections. Though Thalion is hesitant, Yewterrkid asks Sorux to take it.

> The group is greeted at the castle gates by an army of crossbows and a sea of distrust— until Minsk appears. The King’s adviser recognizes the group, and ushers them inside.
> Boo, the miniature giant space hamsters that accompanies Minsk, shows the group to the King’s throne room, wherein they find Uriel, waiting.
> The group explains to Uriel what they have discovered in the south, and Uriel appears somewhat unsettled by the matter. He calls upon the Commander of his Troops, whispering something to him.

  • Paela and Thalion overhear him, and discover that he intends on building an obsidian wall to prevent the plague for spreading. Neither of them share this information with the group.

> As reward for completing the mission, Uriel sticks to his word and restores the honor of the Silver Flame. From now, moving forward, the Silver Flame is part of the Royal Army once again, and the Knight Commander is given the role of Count of Silver City. 1000 gold will also be deposited into the treasury of Silver City.
> Because Delvin, and his chosen successor Gorlo, have abandoned their oath, thus rebuking their ties to the Silver Flame, Yewterrkid is given the honor of standing Count, until a new Knight Commander is chosen.
> With this business taken care of, the King’s mage teleports the group back to Silver Flame Hall.

> Having returned to Silver Flame Hall, the group must find Falk to discover the way of determining the next Knight Commander.
> Falk gives the group a book describing how to discover the next Knight Commander. It stated that those who were the last to see the previous commander (thus, the group minus Thomac, Son of Thomac) must go to the undercroft where the bodies of the previous Knight Commanders lay. Once there, they must repeat the words of magic: “Mecca lecca hi mecha hiney hiney ho.”

> At the undercroft, Paela trips down the stairs, and the others soon join her underground, finding a Magic Circle, illuminating the entire chamber. The group approaches and, in canon, repeat the Magic Chant.
> Suddenly, apparitions of Knight Commanders of the past appear before them, and Liam Madson steps before them.
> After explaining the situation to Liam, the group finds that the room is sealed off and falls dark. It stays this way for nearly an hour.
> After the darkness, the room suddenly takes on a change, and the group is shown a vision of Falmear, where visions of Delvin and Gorlo killing all the people are made apparent. With them is the man in the black cloak they had seen previously.
> The scene ends with Delvin threatening the black cloaked man, and the group finds itself back in the room.
> A Dwarven Knight Commander from the past (Devin’s predecessor) reveals that Sorex is the next Knight Commander.

> Having passed the gifts from the King onto Sorex, the group returns to the King, who sends them to Falmear.
> The group splits into two parties, one containing Thalion, Paela, and Yewterrkid, and the other containing Kerem and Thomak, Son of Thomak.

  • Group 1 discovers the body of the black cloaked man, which holds three notes: One is a grocery list, another is a note to destroy the grocery list, and the third is an instruction that leads this group to the docks.
  • Group 2 goes to the only standing building, the tavern, where Thomak, Son of Thomak spends 505 gold on alcohol. (725 gold remaining) Kerem had been offered a sex change by the tavern owner. Thomak, Son of Thomak apparently got married, also.
  • The group then regroups at the docks.

> Lord Havar, a high ranking nobleman with great influence, appears. Thalion gives him the letter that was found on the black cloaked man.
> Lord Havar delivers the group to the king, whereon they are told that they will be on call.


A New Mission

> The group is told that they are going to Maltar, the forbidden lands. It is a four-month journey, but due to good weather, it takes three-months.
> They arrive at the frozen land to find a small town has formed, mixed of both civilians and soldiers.
> The group is given a day to prepare to go into the mountains; during this time, Yewterrkid changes into his Destroyer Aspect.
> Being sent up the back way, the group encounters who they were told is a general of some sort. Clad in shining black armor, the group knows very distinctly that it is Gorlo.
> A fight ensues— during the fight, as Gorlo is weakened, he summons undead soldiers.

> Finally Gorlo falls, not dead just yet, but weak. He tells them very important things.

  • All is occurring because of the Fourth Brother, Samedi, the “God” of the Dead.

> Yewterrkid, in his Destroyer Aspect, tries to kill Gorlo immediately, but Thomak, Son of Thomak holds him back.
> Suddenly, a dove appears, lands on Gorlo, taking on human form. Extending a hand to Yewterrkid, the figure converts Yewterrkid to his Hunter Aspect.
> Yewterrkid immediately recognizes this being as Shimbo, or Kanji, the God of the Earth.
> Kanji tells the group that they are no longer just bystanders in this battle. They are now AGENTS OF THE THREE.

> The group wakes up four months later on a ship. A group of soldiers remains in Maltar to fight the undead Scourge, but the rest were pulled out.
> Due to a storm, the group lands in a new city-village they’ve never seen before: Red Sun.
> The group discovers that the count of Red Sun is actually the mayor that Thalion and Yewterrkid assisted before.
> He tells the group that, as the Obsidian Wall was being constructed, a group decided that they must confront and protect the people further. Thus, the Rising Dawn was formed, and the King granted them permission to build their village. It is five months old.
> During the chat, a loud bell begins to ring. The group follows.
> A large group of undead have organized an attack on the wall. It is the first organized attack they’ve seen.
*The group tries to explain what happened in Maltar, but no one will believe them. They are sent to their barracks.

> During the night, the group receives a new vision.

  • A boat crash lands on the shore of Maltar, in the same area where the group’s boat had landed. The village does not exist yet. The boat is flying the flag of the Old Kingdom.
  • A man is seen, wearing very fancy clothes, higher than that of a nobleman. He complains of rebels taking his kingdom. He hears a voice, telling him faintly, “Gain revenge against those who overthrew you.”
  • He wanders the island, led to a path. The voice calls on him again, promising him “an army that shall fall”.
  • He continues on, finding a sanctuary. It is abandoned, and within, he finds a helm and a sword. Approaching the set, the voice speaks. “Those who did not serve you in life,” says the voice. “Will serve us in death.”

> And the group wakes up.

> The next morning, as Yewterrkid attempts to speak of the dream they had, they discover another person at their table: Shigure, the God of the moon.
> He tells them that the figure they saw in their vision was that of the Old King’s Son, and that the voice that tempted him was that of Samedi.
> Being a benevolent ass, Shigure grants gifts to the members of the party.

  • Thomak, Son of Thomak is granted Shigure’s Warhammer and a keg of bottomless ale of Thomak, Son of Thomak’s choosing.
  • Paela is granted a Baby Orc to raise of her own desire, a sense of direction, and the size of a human.
  • Thalion is granted a sack with the skull of a gnome.
  • Yewterrkid is given a symbol of Kanji as well as a Spear of Iroh, which Shigure said was the Spear of Kanji.
  • Kerem is granted the appearance of a human female and a fake symbol of Shigure, as well as the betrothal to Shigure’s “son”, Marcus.


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