The Path To Redemption

Kerem's Vacation

For the most part Kerem really didn’t do anything extraordinary during his month off. He didn’t vanquish any monsters, he didn’t compete in any tournaments, he didn’t even find a part time job to occupy the time. He simply spent the two months doing research about his spare and increasingly rare species, occasionally visiting his coworkers when he hit any roadblocks, and helping other’s whenever he ran into someone looking distressed. All of which he was “greatly” rewarded for.

During the first few weeks he could be found spending his time in the library, reading up on anything he could about his people. You see even though he did manage to remember a good portion of details from his past life, he still was a bit hazy on the majority of things regarding his race. The reason why he seemed so determined to learn everything he could about his race was because he so very greatly wanted to meet another like-minded deva. There were days he felt like simply he was surrounded by dushbugs, and he just wanted to confirm that he wasn’t turning into a dushbug just like the rest of his friends coworkers.

After having read and reread all of the books that had the word deva in it, he grew weary of the library and decided to take a break from his research and actually go out into the world. Perhaps trade services for a holy symbol so he could properly worship his beloved god, Shigure damn that man was finnnee. After all, it wasn’t as if he could just go in a buy it because it had been given to help the slaves start a new life of freedom and happiness.

Anyway, on the trip over to a nearby temple that sold said holy symbols he ran into Yewterrkid who appeared to be getting into it with a merchant. He had taken a water pouch from a vendor and “didn’t understand” how to pay him. Luckily Kerem was there and he defused the situation buy attempting to teach Yewterrkid to spend his money. Of which he started spouting about how he didn’t want to support the man because he was “stealing from nature” and he ended up leaving behind the water pouch as well as a disgruntled merchant. Honestly Yewerrkid?

Well, after that little scene he managed to have a nice little chat with Yewterrkid about religion and their personal religious beliefs. It really was an exhilarating conversation and he felt as though he got a deeper look into Yewterkid’s mind. After having talked themselves to death they eventually separated and he had forgotten his original purpose in leaving the grounds. He wandered around for a little while, he managed to help out a few kids get a ball out of a tree and was handsomely rewarded with sweets, buttons, and even a few gold pieces. Sweet.

Another particularly momentous event during those 2 months off was his first visit to the Arena. He had heard that one of their new recruits, Thomak son of Thomak, was participating in it and had managed to create a name for himself. Wanting to support their newest member he decided to watch him and cheer him on he entered the arena and sat towards the front. He was surprised to see how much brute strength he had. It really was incredible watching him take out 6 of the best human fighters in the land with a single strike. He could tell that they were lucky to have this grand fighter on their team. He stood up and cheered with the rest of the crowd applauding this magnificent warrior.

Towards the end of the two months Thailon had managed to talk him into visiting paella at her part time job in the red light district. At first he was a little reluctant, not wanting to confirm the fact that she was selling herself, but after a while he eventually caved in and agreed to visit her. Once they arrived at her room they knocked a couple of times before opening the door. The sight that greeted them would never be erased from his poor virgin eyes. There were three goliaths, a halfling, and a crap load of toys. He wretched himself from the door and emptied the contents in his stomach on the floor. It wasn’t the sight of the three of them that unsettled his stomach, though that added to it, it was the way they were using the toys. Oh god. Why would you even…?

You see, throughout this vacation every once in a while Paela would fill his room with all of her toys. She would place them on his furniture, belongings, bed, hang them from the ceiling, and even place a few in his mouth and near his privates. He thought that it was a symbol of friendship and her getting over her unfounded dislike towards him by playing a playful prank on him with new or unused toys. He was wrong, out of the 12 toys she was currently using 7 toys that he had in his mouth a week prior. It made him wretch to think that even though they tasted pretty clean, they had been inside someone else’s privates. Oh god, why was it always him that had to deal with these kinds of things?

Don’t worry, Kerem got his revenge, on the last day of their vacation Paela had once again put her arsenal in his room, and unlike all the times before were he would put everything in a bag and deliver it to her room later on in the day, he put it all in a bag and sold it. He made a small fortune off of all of it. Though instead of keeping it all for himself, like some of his coworkers would have done, he gave half to various charities, one fourth to buying a top of the line dildo for paella to take on her journeys, it also had a strap on attachment but he withheld on giving it to her in fear that she would take her revenge and have her way with him while he was sleeping, and kept 1/4th for himself.

All in all, he had a pretty good time during his two months off.


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