The Path To Redemption

Paela's summer job

During the two months of rest and relaxation the group had, Paela decided it was high time to return to her favorite line of work during those years of being lost. Hooray for prostitution. She had told the rest of the Silver Flame about her new job and had stated that since they’re friends she would give them a discount, but they wouldn’t have any part of that, much to her dismay. And so we find our very loose heroine out in the streets of the Capital, hunting for her first customer.

Her first customer was a very meek looking elf, can’t be any older than eighteen, accompanied by a few of his friends. He didnt really seem like he wanted to hire her, but his friends presurred him into it. He was extremely awkward and didnt seem like he knew what goes where. Paela pitied the boy and gave him a discount.

The dragonborn she had met in a tavern one night seemed to be into some kinky shit, and Paela knows to always charge extra for that. She got many complaints from her fellow mercs (except Karem) from how ungody loud they were the night before.

A minotaur by the name of Noostoron aproached Paela at her favorite street corner one night and offered her a considerable amount of gold. Always the one for more money, she gladly accepted his offer. When they got to the deed though… You would think that a Minotaur would be packing since they’re so big right? Well… this guy’s danglie-bits couldn’t have been longer than a halfling’s schlong. Paela snickered when she first saw it causing Noostoron to run out of the room crying. Paela spent the rest of the night consoling him.

By far Paela’s favorite experience was with three golaiths. The more the merrier! I’ll let you imagine what it was like. Three goliaths on one halfling. Aww yeah.

Another female halfling requested her services one night. Paela could’ve sworn it was like fucking a mirror. Same hair color, eye color, personality, everything. They had so much fun together, they met again outside of “work”. They have been dating off and on ever since.

Sometimes when the “stress of work”, as she liked to put it, got to her, she would sneek into Karem’s room as he slept and would lay every adult toy in her arsanal on his bed. Some hanging into his face, a couple in his mouth, a few close to his fun bits, you name it.

And thus was Paela’s vacation.

(I didn’t want to write every client because laziness, but she fucked at least one from every race. Yeah even a gnome. She fucked a gnome. SHE ACTUALLY FUCKED A GNOME. THIS GIRL HAS NO STANDARDS.)


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