The Path To Redemption

Thomaks vacation :D

After the group returned to the capital and was given a 2 month break, thomak son of thomak wandered of to find something interesting to do. Thomak stumbles into a pub and has a drink, the bartender tells him that there is going to be a tournament in the arena and he should enter. Thomak entered the tournament because he thought it would be fun.
The first opponent thomak has to face is a tribe of gnomes trying to get the grand prize to save their village. Thomak used a club to crush their hopes and dreams and sent them to bankruptcy. It was one of the easiest battles he has ever been in. after the fight the winner gets a free drink at the pub. After the fight thomak went to the pub to get his free drink and saw the gnomes drowning there sorrows so he spit on them and left.
The next week came around and the fight started thomak was up against two dwarfs and a orc. Thomak used a hammer that was left in the arena from the last fight. The dwarfs were easy to beat up but thomak had a little trouble because of the orcs skill but he was still taken down by thomak. Thomak is now brining a big crowed to the arena and becoming famous around the capital.
This tournament is famous around the land and people come from all corners of the country to compete in it and thomak is taking these people down like it is nothing. The next battle come around and he is up against six humans they are said to be the best human fighters ever… thomak destroyed them in one blow. The crowd went wild when they saw his punch he even saw a deva in the crowd cheering him on. The people in the crowd started asking for autographs.
The next battle comes up and he has to face a Halfling and a elf they are both mages. The elf is strong but taken out quickly and the Halfling is very swift he has to chase them down and then he beat him up. This was the hardest fight for thomak so far in this tournament. Thomak now knows he must train against mages.
It’s the last battle its come up to thomak and two minatours and three dragonborn. Thomak has a lot of trouble but in the end he builds up the streght to take them all out in one furious blow. Thomak wins and gets the grand prize. He also gets a huge party in his honor and all are invited. Thomak rocks out and that is the end of his adventures at the capital.


Waple676 ChristianSanchez

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