A Orc Warrior


Grolo was born and raised in the Red light part of the Capital his mother was a whore and his Father a Drunk. Grolo swore he would be better then them and would make a life for himself so he could get out of the city. At the age of 15 he joined the Arena so he could make some gold he won 17 rounds and was named Grand Champion at the age of 16. One Night on his way home from the arena he was jumped by some thugs who had bet agents him in his last match. The out numbered him 20 to 1 he was able to kill 17 of them before he was knock out cold. When he awoke he found himself in a warm bed and that a man was Standing over him. The Man was dressed in full silver armor. When Grolo asked what happen the man said “I was traveling in the Capital looking for some new recruits for my order when I saw you get attacked I was going to jump in but before I knew it you had already dealt with 17 of them. You were then struck in the back of the head by the rest and I jumped in to save you. You should be alright I took you to a Inn and rented a room so I could look After you.” Grolo was shocked never in his life had anyone done something like that for him People were always trying to kill him but never save him. “I guess I owe you my life.” Grolo said. The man replied with “You owe me nothing I only did what was right. I would never let any thing like that happen to any one.”. “There must be something I can do to repay you for your kindness you said you were looking for people to join your order maybe I could join I am very good with an axe.”. The man thought for a moment and said “If you join my order you will have to give up everything you know and care about.” Grolo answer was quick “I have nothing I care about I live on the street and Steal food to live.”. The Man smiled and said “Very well its been a Long time since we have had an Orc in the Sliver Flame you are free to join us Sir…”. “My name is Grolo Grand Champion of the Arena.”. The man then turned his back and said “Welcome to the Silver Flame Grolo. I am Delvin Gale.”

After joining Delvin Gale in what is to be called the Culling of Falmear. Both Delvin and Grolo went to the land of Frostnear where they fought fought to destroy the undead but after finding out who the leader was they choose to sever him and Became the first of the Black Knights.


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