The Path To Redemption

Kerem's Vacation

For the most part Kerem really didn’t do anything extraordinary during his month off. He didn’t vanquish any monsters, he didn’t compete in any tournaments, he didn’t even find a part time job to occupy the time. He simply spent the two months doing research about his spare and increasingly rare species, occasionally visiting his coworkers when he hit any roadblocks, and helping other’s whenever he ran into someone looking distressed. All of which he was “greatly” rewarded for.

During the first few weeks he could be found spending his time in the library, reading up on anything he could about his people. You see even though he did manage to remember a good portion of details from his past life, he still was a bit hazy on the majority of things regarding his race. The reason why he seemed so determined to learn everything he could about his race was because he so very greatly wanted to meet another like-minded deva. There were days he felt like simply he was surrounded by dushbugs, and he just wanted to confirm that he wasn’t turning into a dushbug just like the rest of his friends coworkers.

After having read and reread all of the books that had the word deva in it, he grew weary of the library and decided to take a break from his research and actually go out into the world. Perhaps trade services for a holy symbol so he could properly worship his beloved god, Shigure damn that man was finnnee. After all, it wasn’t as if he could just go in a buy it because it had been given to help the slaves start a new life of freedom and happiness.

Anyway, on the trip over to a nearby temple that sold said holy symbols he ran into Yewterrkid who appeared to be getting into it with a merchant. He had taken a water pouch from a vendor and “didn’t understand” how to pay him. Luckily Kerem was there and he defused the situation buy attempting to teach Yewterrkid to spend his money. Of which he started spouting about how he didn’t want to support the man because he was “stealing from nature” and he ended up leaving behind the water pouch as well as a disgruntled merchant. Honestly Yewerrkid?

Well, after that little scene he managed to have a nice little chat with Yewterrkid about religion and their personal religious beliefs. It really was an exhilarating conversation and he felt as though he got a deeper look into Yewterkid’s mind. After having talked themselves to death they eventually separated and he had forgotten his original purpose in leaving the grounds. He wandered around for a little while, he managed to help out a few kids get a ball out of a tree and was handsomely rewarded with sweets, buttons, and even a few gold pieces. Sweet.

Another particularly momentous event during those 2 months off was his first visit to the Arena. He had heard that one of their new recruits, Thomak son of Thomak, was participating in it and had managed to create a name for himself. Wanting to support their newest member he decided to watch him and cheer him on he entered the arena and sat towards the front. He was surprised to see how much brute strength he had. It really was incredible watching him take out 6 of the best human fighters in the land with a single strike. He could tell that they were lucky to have this grand fighter on their team. He stood up and cheered with the rest of the crowd applauding this magnificent warrior.

Towards the end of the two months Thailon had managed to talk him into visiting paella at her part time job in the red light district. At first he was a little reluctant, not wanting to confirm the fact that she was selling herself, but after a while he eventually caved in and agreed to visit her. Once they arrived at her room they knocked a couple of times before opening the door. The sight that greeted them would never be erased from his poor virgin eyes. There were three goliaths, a halfling, and a crap load of toys. He wretched himself from the door and emptied the contents in his stomach on the floor. It wasn’t the sight of the three of them that unsettled his stomach, though that added to it, it was the way they were using the toys. Oh god. Why would you even…?

You see, throughout this vacation every once in a while Paela would fill his room with all of her toys. She would place them on his furniture, belongings, bed, hang them from the ceiling, and even place a few in his mouth and near his privates. He thought that it was a symbol of friendship and her getting over her unfounded dislike towards him by playing a playful prank on him with new or unused toys. He was wrong, out of the 12 toys she was currently using 7 toys that he had in his mouth a week prior. It made him wretch to think that even though they tasted pretty clean, they had been inside someone else’s privates. Oh god, why was it always him that had to deal with these kinds of things?

Don’t worry, Kerem got his revenge, on the last day of their vacation Paela had once again put her arsenal in his room, and unlike all the times before were he would put everything in a bag and deliver it to her room later on in the day, he put it all in a bag and sold it. He made a small fortune off of all of it. Though instead of keeping it all for himself, like some of his coworkers would have done, he gave half to various charities, one fourth to buying a top of the line dildo for paella to take on her journeys, it also had a strap on attachment but he withheld on giving it to her in fear that she would take her revenge and have her way with him while he was sleeping, and kept 1/4th for himself.

All in all, he had a pretty good time during his two months off.

Paela's summer job

During the two months of rest and relaxation the group had, Paela decided it was high time to return to her favorite line of work during those years of being lost. Hooray for prostitution. She had told the rest of the Silver Flame about her new job and had stated that since they’re friends she would give them a discount, but they wouldn’t have any part of that, much to her dismay. And so we find our very loose heroine out in the streets of the Capital, hunting for her first customer.

Her first customer was a very meek looking elf, can’t be any older than eighteen, accompanied by a few of his friends. He didnt really seem like he wanted to hire her, but his friends presurred him into it. He was extremely awkward and didnt seem like he knew what goes where. Paela pitied the boy and gave him a discount.

The dragonborn she had met in a tavern one night seemed to be into some kinky shit, and Paela knows to always charge extra for that. She got many complaints from her fellow mercs (except Karem) from how ungody loud they were the night before.

A minotaur by the name of Noostoron aproached Paela at her favorite street corner one night and offered her a considerable amount of gold. Always the one for more money, she gladly accepted his offer. When they got to the deed though… You would think that a Minotaur would be packing since they’re so big right? Well… this guy’s danglie-bits couldn’t have been longer than a halfling’s schlong. Paela snickered when she first saw it causing Noostoron to run out of the room crying. Paela spent the rest of the night consoling him.

By far Paela’s favorite experience was with three golaiths. The more the merrier! I’ll let you imagine what it was like. Three goliaths on one halfling. Aww yeah.

Another female halfling requested her services one night. Paela could’ve sworn it was like fucking a mirror. Same hair color, eye color, personality, everything. They had so much fun together, they met again outside of “work”. They have been dating off and on ever since.

Sometimes when the “stress of work”, as she liked to put it, got to her, she would sneek into Karem’s room as he slept and would lay every adult toy in her arsanal on his bed. Some hanging into his face, a couple in his mouth, a few close to his fun bits, you name it.

And thus was Paela’s vacation.

(I didn’t want to write every client because laziness, but she fucked at least one from every race. Yeah even a gnome. She fucked a gnome. SHE ACTUALLY FUCKED A GNOME. THIS GIRL HAS NO STANDARDS.)

Thomaks vacation :D

After the group returned to the capital and was given a 2 month break, thomak son of thomak wandered of to find something interesting to do. Thomak stumbles into a pub and has a drink, the bartender tells him that there is going to be a tournament in the arena and he should enter. Thomak entered the tournament because he thought it would be fun.
The first opponent thomak has to face is a tribe of gnomes trying to get the grand prize to save their village. Thomak used a club to crush their hopes and dreams and sent them to bankruptcy. It was one of the easiest battles he has ever been in. after the fight the winner gets a free drink at the pub. After the fight thomak went to the pub to get his free drink and saw the gnomes drowning there sorrows so he spit on them and left.
The next week came around and the fight started thomak was up against two dwarfs and a orc. Thomak used a hammer that was left in the arena from the last fight. The dwarfs were easy to beat up but thomak had a little trouble because of the orcs skill but he was still taken down by thomak. Thomak is now brining a big crowed to the arena and becoming famous around the capital.
This tournament is famous around the land and people come from all corners of the country to compete in it and thomak is taking these people down like it is nothing. The next battle come around and he is up against six humans they are said to be the best human fighters ever… thomak destroyed them in one blow. The crowd went wild when they saw his punch he even saw a deva in the crowd cheering him on. The people in the crowd started asking for autographs.
The next battle comes up and he has to face a Halfling and a elf they are both mages. The elf is strong but taken out quickly and the Halfling is very swift he has to chase them down and then he beat him up. This was the hardest fight for thomak so far in this tournament. Thomak now knows he must train against mages.
It’s the last battle its come up to thomak and two minatours and three dragonborn. Thomak has a lot of trouble but in the end he builds up the streght to take them all out in one furious blow. Thomak wins and gets the grand prize. He also gets a huge party in his honor and all are invited. Thomak rocks out and that is the end of his adventures at the capital.

Adventure Log: 26 July

26 July 2012

“Shit gon’ get REAL

> As the Dragonslayers perform the musical stylings of Three Doors Down, the group arrives in the Capital City, Royalcaster.
> Outside of the city gates, they find the mayor of the small village they had assisted, the one who had been attacked by a vampire.

  • With the king’s permission, the survivors have been granted land outside of the city. Of the approximately one-thousand people totaled from the various villages attacked by this plague, only fifty have survived.
  • The realization of this number leaves the group stunned, especially Paela who seems to repeatedly apologize.

> Wait. Hold the phone. Back up— the king granted them land? But the king is on his deathbed, isn’t he? Well, unfortunately, the king has passed away, and the coronation ceremony for Uriel was held the day prior to the group’s arrival in Royalcaster
> The mayor mentions that a young mage wearing the Silver Flame crest is in Royalcaster as well. The group comes to the same conclusion: It’s Sorux.

> The group then enters Royalcaster, after the twenty minutes it takes for the gate to open and the draw bridge to drop and another gate to open.
> It is decided that they will go to the King’s Castle first to report the news of their mission before searching for Sorux… until Sorux appears before them, a large Goliath in tow.
> Sorux explains that he was sent to Royalcaster for recruiting, that Delvin had sent him a letter requesting new recruits. On that note, Sorux questioned where Delvin was, which the group explained to him.

  • Sorux says that when they return to Silver Flame Hall, that they should ask Falk about how to go about choosing a new leader of the Silver Flame. Being the oldest living member, he would know how the Knight Commander is chosen.

> With Sorux is a Goliath by the name of Thomac, Son of Thomac. He had been in a fight in the local tavern when Sorux stopped him and recruited him to the Silver Flame.

  • Sorux has three other recruits with him: Roxanne, a lady of the night who is more than just a good time; she’s also a great fighter and takes no bullshit. Joe, a young man who was caught trying to associate with the Thieves Guild; Sorux recruited him from the prison. Finally, Dominic Madson, descendant of Dom Madson, an important figure in the Three Years War and the brother of Liam Madson, the famed Knight Commander of the Silver Flame, and the last Count of Silver City.

> Paela flirts with Roxanne and, when the group returns to Silver Flame Hall, Paela gon’ git laid.
> Sorux decides to let the group be on their way, announcing that he will return to Silver Flame Hall with the new recruits— minus Thomac, Son of Thomac, who is to be trained by Paela.
> Thomac, Son of Thomac has joined the Party! Paela has acquired a new mount.
> Before the group leaves for the castle, Sorux offers to take Thalion’s Imperial Bow, which he had acquired through his Thieves Guild connections. Though Thalion is hesitant, Yewterrkid asks Sorux to take it.

> The group is greeted at the castle gates by an army of crossbows and a sea of distrust— until Minsk appears. The King’s adviser recognizes the group, and ushers them inside.
> Boo, the miniature giant space hamsters that accompanies Minsk, shows the group to the King’s throne room, wherein they find Uriel, waiting.
> The group explains to Uriel what they have discovered in the south, and Uriel appears somewhat unsettled by the matter. He calls upon the Commander of his Troops, whispering something to him.

  • Paela and Thalion overhear him, and discover that he intends on building an obsidian wall to prevent the plague for spreading. Neither of them share this information with the group.

> As reward for completing the mission, Uriel sticks to his word and restores the honor of the Silver Flame. From now, moving forward, the Silver Flame is part of the Royal Army once again, and the Knight Commander is given the role of Count of Silver City. 1000 gold will also be deposited into the treasury of Silver City.
> Because Delvin, and his chosen successor Gorlo, have abandoned their oath, thus rebuking their ties to the Silver Flame, Yewterrkid is given the honor of standing Count, until a new Knight Commander is chosen.
> With this business taken care of, the King’s mage teleports the group back to Silver Flame Hall.

> Having returned to Silver Flame Hall, the group must find Falk to discover the way of determining the next Knight Commander.
> Falk gives the group a book describing how to discover the next Knight Commander. It stated that those who were the last to see the previous commander (thus, the group minus Thomac, Son of Thomac) must go to the undercroft where the bodies of the previous Knight Commanders lay. Once there, they must repeat the words of magic: “Mecca lecca hi mecha hiney hiney ho.”

> At the undercroft, Paela trips down the stairs, and the others soon join her underground, finding a Magic Circle, illuminating the entire chamber. The group approaches and, in canon, repeat the Magic Chant.
> Suddenly, apparitions of Knight Commanders of the past appear before them, and Liam Madson steps before them.
> After explaining the situation to Liam, the group finds that the room is sealed off and falls dark. It stays this way for nearly an hour.
> After the darkness, the room suddenly takes on a change, and the group is shown a vision of Falmear, where visions of Delvin and Gorlo killing all the people are made apparent. With them is the man in the black cloak they had seen previously.
> The scene ends with Delvin threatening the black cloaked man, and the group finds itself back in the room.
> A Dwarven Knight Commander from the past (Devin’s predecessor) reveals that Sorex is the next Knight Commander.

> Having passed the gifts from the King onto Sorex, the group returns to the King, who sends them to Falmear.
> The group splits into two parties, one containing Thalion, Paela, and Yewterrkid, and the other containing Kerem and Thomak, Son of Thomak.

  • Group 1 discovers the body of the black cloaked man, which holds three notes: One is a grocery list, another is a note to destroy the grocery list, and the third is an instruction that leads this group to the docks.
  • Group 2 goes to the only standing building, the tavern, where Thomak, Son of Thomak spends 505 gold on alcohol. (725 gold remaining) Kerem had been offered a sex change by the tavern owner. Thomak, Son of Thomak apparently got married, also.
  • The group then regroups at the docks.

> Lord Havar, a high ranking nobleman with great influence, appears. Thalion gives him the letter that was found on the black cloaked man.
> Lord Havar delivers the group to the king, whereon they are told that they will be on call.


A New Mission

> The group is told that they are going to Maltar, the forbidden lands. It is a four-month journey, but due to good weather, it takes three-months.
> They arrive at the frozen land to find a small town has formed, mixed of both civilians and soldiers.
> The group is given a day to prepare to go into the mountains; during this time, Yewterrkid changes into his Destroyer Aspect.
> Being sent up the back way, the group encounters who they were told is a general of some sort. Clad in shining black armor, the group knows very distinctly that it is Gorlo.
> A fight ensues— during the fight, as Gorlo is weakened, he summons undead soldiers.

> Finally Gorlo falls, not dead just yet, but weak. He tells them very important things.

  • All is occurring because of the Fourth Brother, Samedi, the “God” of the Dead.

> Yewterrkid, in his Destroyer Aspect, tries to kill Gorlo immediately, but Thomak, Son of Thomak holds him back.
> Suddenly, a dove appears, lands on Gorlo, taking on human form. Extending a hand to Yewterrkid, the figure converts Yewterrkid to his Hunter Aspect.
> Yewterrkid immediately recognizes this being as Shimbo, or Kanji, the God of the Earth.
> Kanji tells the group that they are no longer just bystanders in this battle. They are now AGENTS OF THE THREE.

> The group wakes up four months later on a ship. A group of soldiers remains in Maltar to fight the undead Scourge, but the rest were pulled out.
> Due to a storm, the group lands in a new city-village they’ve never seen before: Red Sun.
> The group discovers that the count of Red Sun is actually the mayor that Thalion and Yewterrkid assisted before.
> He tells the group that, as the Obsidian Wall was being constructed, a group decided that they must confront and protect the people further. Thus, the Rising Dawn was formed, and the King granted them permission to build their village. It is five months old.
> During the chat, a loud bell begins to ring. The group follows.
> A large group of undead have organized an attack on the wall. It is the first organized attack they’ve seen.
*The group tries to explain what happened in Maltar, but no one will believe them. They are sent to their barracks.

> During the night, the group receives a new vision.

  • A boat crash lands on the shore of Maltar, in the same area where the group’s boat had landed. The village does not exist yet. The boat is flying the flag of the Old Kingdom.
  • A man is seen, wearing very fancy clothes, higher than that of a nobleman. He complains of rebels taking his kingdom. He hears a voice, telling him faintly, “Gain revenge against those who overthrew you.”
  • He wanders the island, led to a path. The voice calls on him again, promising him “an army that shall fall”.
  • He continues on, finding a sanctuary. It is abandoned, and within, he finds a helm and a sword. Approaching the set, the voice speaks. “Those who did not serve you in life,” says the voice. “Will serve us in death.”

> And the group wakes up.

> The next morning, as Yewterrkid attempts to speak of the dream they had, they discover another person at their table: Shigure, the God of the moon.
> He tells them that the figure they saw in their vision was that of the Old King’s Son, and that the voice that tempted him was that of Samedi.
> Being a benevolent ass, Shigure grants gifts to the members of the party.

  • Thomak, Son of Thomak is granted Shigure’s Warhammer and a keg of bottomless ale of Thomak, Son of Thomak’s choosing.
  • Paela is granted a Baby Orc to raise of her own desire, a sense of direction, and the size of a human.
  • Thalion is granted a sack with the skull of a gnome.
  • Yewterrkid is given a symbol of Kanji as well as a Spear of Iroh, which Shigure said was the Spear of Kanji.
  • Kerem is granted the appearance of a human female and a fake symbol of Shigure, as well as the betrothal to Shigure’s “son”, Marcus.
Adventure Log: 19 July

19 July 2012

Establish the Setting

NOTES: italics are character names. Bolds are place names.

>We open with the group, Thalion, Kerem, Paela, and Yewterrkid, waiting for the sender of their next job to arrive.
>They are with Delvin, the current leader of the Silver Flame, and Gorlo, a Grand-champion orc who owes much to Delvin and has become his right-hand.

>After seventeen minutes, a cloaked figure appears, identifying himself as the sender of the letter. He comments that for a “group of outcasts”, the Silver Flame lives rather lavishly.
>The cloaked figure removes his hood, revealing himself to be Uriel Menethil, the residing Prince of Omaril who, in his father’s sickness, has taken rule.

  • Kerem genuflected at this revelation, but Delvin quickly reprimanded him for such. By order of the Oath of the Silver Flame, each member swears to have no lord, but to work faithfully for the Silver Flame.

>Uriel explains that the Capital has lost contact with the city of Falmear. Having already lost three scout parties while trying to identify the reason for the loss of contact, he has come to ask the Silver Flame.
>Uriel offers to provide funds for the party to travel from Maplerose to Wolfdell, but from Wolfdell, they must make their own way.
>After some consultation, it is decided that the group will take on the job. They will leave the following day.

>During the night, as all but Yewterrkid sleep, Thalion, Kerem, Paela, and Yewterrkid receive a vision— The image of a dove appears before them. After a moment, this dove transforms into some large creature, before issuing a warning. Something dark awaits them in Falmear.
>Suddenly, a loud scream pierced the corridors of Silver Hall.

  • All but Kerem hear this scream. Way to sleep, Kerem.

>_Thalion, Paela,_ and Yewterrkid arrive at Delvin’s door to see most members of the Silver Flame trying to figure out what’s happening. Yewterrkid, being high in the chain of command, asks all but Thalion and Paela to go to bed.
>_Falk_, the Silver Flame’s mage, and his apprentice Adachi Sorik, appear from Delvin’s room, more or less waving the curious group off, saying not to worry about Delvin. Thalion and Yewterrkid return to their rooms, and Paela is carried off by Gorlo, who has a soft-spot for the halfling.

>As the group departs from Silver Hall to Maplerose, they encounter a group of bards, friends of Gorlo, who will provide music for the group during their travels. The group is known as THE DRAGONSLAYERS.
>The group, after a few hours, arrives in Maplerose, whereon they split up. Thalion, Kerem and Paela go off in search of wares; Yewterrkid, Delvin and Gorlo go off in search of information— and incidentally, alcohol for Gorlo.

Friends in Low Places: Thalion’s Group’s Adventure in Maplerose

>As Thalion and his group hear out, they are distracted by a shady merchant selling sundials. Paela, fascinated by the sundials, is easily lured into his scam.
>The merchant recognizes Thalion, as the elf was associated with the Thieves Guild. The merchant identifies himself as Marcus, and though he hasn’t heard anything on Falmear, he helps point the small group in the direction of where to a Guild contact for weapons. They’re told to ask for Jimmy the One-Eye/Italian/Antipasto
>_Thalion, Paela,_ and Kerem go to where Marcus instructed them to go, whereupon asking for Jimmy the One-Eye, they find themselves in the face of a city-elf-weapons smuggler willing to help a fellow Guild member.

  • Thalion purchases 3 quivers with 26 arrows each, as well as an Imperial Guardsman’s Bow, totaling 400 gold with his discount. (300 gold remaining)
    _Paela purchased 2 orcish swords and 1 orcish axe, totaling 60 gold. (450 gold remaining)
    Kerem purchased nothing. (500 gold remaining)

>_Jimmy the One-Eye_ allows Thalion to look through the three other rooms he holds “merchandise” within.

  • The first room contains LADIES~~ brothel tiem.
    The second room contains very fancy, elite clothing. Nothing that our heroes would need.
    The third room held the people being held as part of slave that Jimmy the One-Eye is involved in.

>_Thalion_ is appalled at the site of women, children, people of all races being kept in captivity. Jimmy the One-Eye says that Thalion can have two slaves for free.
>Thalion chooses a woman and a child.
>Noticing Kerem, the extremely rare deva, Jimmy the One-Eye offers Thalion all of the slaves in exchange for Kerem_.
offers himself up, for “the good of the people”. He is immediately drugged and taken into captivity.
*Kerem’s gold has been removed from him.

He is Us!: Yewterrkid’s Visit to the Pub

>As the groups split up, Gorlo had run ahead to the pub, beginning to guzzle beer by the keg.
>_Yewterrkid_ and Delvin enter the pub to find Gorlo having already downed a great deal of alcohol, which Delvin pays for and then some.
>After some questioning, it is determined that the barkeep knows nothing.
>_Yewterrkid_ is distracted, though, by the small Community group of people who are also present in the pub, one of whom is preaching about Wilden rights.
>The group is suddenly joined by a larger man, who tells them the following: “I’m not a witch. I’m not a werewolf… or a sasquatch— I’m not even a piece of shit. I’m nothing that you’ve hear, or read about me, or even suggested yourself. I’m you. America is a 300-pound, bearded, diabetic man. Send me donations and I will go to grandma’s house and order pizza tonight. I’m You. Fucking accept it and get over it.”
>_Yewterrkid_ is fascinated with the idea of this man identifying with him, but before he can approach, the man leaves.
>All the same, Yewterrkid goes to the group and asks if they have heard any strange news of Falmear.
>The group’s cocky leader explains that they are students from the Mage’s College in the Capital, and that they travel to Maplerose for drinks on occasion. Only one member of the group, one who has been otherwise emotionless, pops in with information regarding a play that originated in Falmer many years ago, but nothing more.
>With that, Yewterrkid and Delvin depart, only to be joined shortly later by Gorlo

>_Thalion_ and Paela meet back up with Delvin, who is incredibly angry to hear that Kerem has been sold into slavery. He demands that Thalion do something with his slaves because the ride to Wolfdell is ready, and he doesn’t intend on paying for the slaves to join the ride.
>_Thalion_ straight-up ditches his slaves.

>Midway to Wolfdell, night begins to fall, and the passengers must set up camp for the night. Yewterrkid assists Delvin with making the tent, as Delvin has Thalion into the bare woods in search of food. Meanwhile, Gorlo constructs a holding-room for Paela, to ensure she doesn’t get lost.
>During the night, Delvin begins to squirm and cry out, though not as violently as before.
>_Yewterrkid_ wakes him, and at his command, hands Delvin a small vial filled with some sort of potion.
>_Delvin_ explains his past to Yewterrkid, about his time as a city guard, about the village that had burned, whose people were killed, and how he was powerless. Delvin explains that he joined the Silver Flame to be able to help the common people more readily.
>_Delvin_ has been having recurring nightmares of the burning village, more so recently, hence the potions from Falk.

>The following morning, a caravan rushes by, an obsidian cage on the back— there’s the possibility that Kerem may be inside.
>Regardless, the group continues toward Wolfdell.
>Oh, Thalion tried to leave a friendship bracelet for Delvin. That didn’t go too well. Also, Yewterrkid is slightly shocked with this easily agitated Delvin

>Once at Wolfdell, the group continues on immediately, much to the disappointment of a Thalion desperate to get back in Delvin’s good graces.
>_Paela_ presents Gorlo with the orcish axe she had bought for him. GorloxPaela forever.

>The group continues on to find a small village that had been attacked and burned.
>_Yewterrkid_ and Thalion go look around a bit, finding a carriage.
>_Yewterrkid_ concerns himself with the horses, who have died without a struggle, who have freshly chewed wheat in their mouths.
>_Thalion_ notices an obsidian cage attached to this abandoned carriage, opening the door to it, and finds Kerem inside.
>With Kerem returned, Delvin seems to be in a slightly better mood.
>The group searches around the area in more detail, and come across a flag of some sort. Yewterrkid and Kerem both recognize the flag as looking similar to that of the Old Kingdom banner, except with the addition of a skull.
>The search of the village proves fruitless. Not even a dead body was discovered. The group presses on.

>The next village is currently under-attack by a group of Undead
>The group is victorious, +200 experience for all.
>_Thalion_ presses on to find the mayor, who had been attacked by the undead, but had defended himself. Thalion calls for a medic, to which Yewterrkid responds.
>The mayor explains that the village was attacked by these undead, and that some of them were townsfolk.
>As thanks for assistance, the mayor offers some of the village’s tax money. Yewterrkid kindly declined, insisting that the mayor’s people were more important than some reward.
>_Thalion_ had all intention of taking the money. 8I
> Delvin entered, asking for a report on what had just occurred. Thalion summed it all up, and Yewterrkid told about the money, which _Thalion had to hand over, painfully, to Delvin.

>The group presses onward, Delvin and Gorlo stay to help the mayor prepare on his way to the Capital.
>The group is confronted with a dove, who, before their eyes, tranformed into a large minotaur, clothed in white robes; he warns them that they are about to make a decision that will impact them forever.

>As the group arrives at Falmear, they are greeted by a darkly-clad man riding a stead, an army of undead about him. He simply laughs and challenges the group.
>_Delvin_ gives a new order: File into the city and kill everyone, infected or not.
>_Yewterrkid_ is shocked, and torn. He’s not seen Delvin like this before, and it worries him, but at the same time, Yewterrkid owes a great deal to Delvin_.
>_Thalion, Kerem, Paela,
and Yewterrkid did not join Delvin, who announced that they were removed from the Silver Flame.

>However, it is really Delvin and Gorlo, and their supporters, who were taken out of the Silver Flame, as they had broken their oath.

>It has been decided that the best course of action is to return to the Capital and report findings.


The Silver Flame has received a letter asking to meet with them about a mission. The Letter reads:

“To Knight Commander Devin Gale,
I have heard about your group and how well you all get your jobs done. I understand you may have questions about the job I have for you. I can assure you all will be answered when we meet. Please send your response with this bird and if you accept, then I shall meet you at your hall in seven days time at midnight.”

The Letter is not signed, though this is not unusual. It has been rather common place that people prefer to remain anonymous, as association with mercenaries can be risky. And so the adventure begins.


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