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The Three Brothers
The three brothers are the sons of time and the creators of Omaril. They are Kanji (The Earth God) Iroh (The Sun God) and Shigure (The Moon God). They helped create the World and its people they protect them how ever they can.

The Fourth Brother
The Fourth Brother is never talked about and nobody has ever heard or seen this brother that is because he was cast out by his three older brothers. The Fourth Brother’s name is Samedi the god of death.

The 3 Year War
The 3 year war was a civil war in Omaril. The war stared as a result of the old king killing anyone with an imperfection no matter how tiny. The rebels were led by Roggvir Menethil (A.K.A King Roggvir Menethil I) He started the rebellion in Wolfdell after he broke down the count’s door dragged him out into the street and yell “If we are to be put to the Sword for our imperfections then let us put those who would damn us to the Sword as well! OMARIL WILL BE FREE FROM THAT BASTARD WHO CALLS HIMSELF OUR KING!” and cut the count’s head off. This was also the war in which the Sliver Flame joined the rebels and were cast out of the royal army for doing so.

Major People of the 3 year war

  • Rebels (Winners)
    Roggvir Menethil (Leader and future king)
    Count Of Maplerose (Died)
    Knight Commander of the Silver Flame/Count of Silver City Liam Madson
    Captain of the Royalcaster/Head general of the royal army Dom Madson (Died)
  • Loyalists
    King Adolf Roland (Died)
    Count of Brookveiw (Died)
    Joseph Windsor son of the Count of Maplerose(Exiled)
    Count of Falmear (Died)
    Captain of the Brookveiw Guards Replaced Dom Madson as Head general. (Jailed)

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